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arialsurveying       Photogrammetry is an engineering science which is the most productive geo-data collection method with the current technology on the world. In general terms, Photogrammetry is that, creating geo-referenced 3D results generated from overlap photos taken from suitable aircrafts and stitched one by one to each other in necessary algorithms and formulas. These results maybe in different scales, sensitivity or resolution but the common point of all results is that the each pixel in each photo are including sensitive geo-reference points (geo-coordinates) in requested limits. These sensitivity and data can process with in different formats and presentation methods.

Photogrammetry is providing us a fast, reliable and sensitive data collection method also with different production line such as map production in different scales, orthophoto, digital terrain modeling. It’s also possible to create fly-though animations and analyzing terrains usage rates. As summary the photos taken with Photogrammetry method is not only providing geo-reference points, it’s also including a lot of further information.

mme-tier-3d (1)    Remote Sensing Equipment set is a hi-tech integrated system that built with individual elements. The most important point of the quality is that all individual parts and software of set must communicate with others in a certain quality and uninterruptable harmony. That integration quality is the most important criteria of a perfect result. That’s why we have choose current high end technology and brands for each part and integrate these parts and software with our 30 years experience and engineering know-how.

Individuals of remote sense data collection set are;

1)      A suitable aircraft that modified and certified for Aerial Survey operations. All system will install to that modified aircraft’s hull.

2)      The Gyro-Stabilized Mount which the camera will install in it.

3)      Specially designed photo camera that will install in to mount.

4)      FMS-Flight Management System. That system will collect direct geo-referencing data (GPS_IMU) during flight.

 FLEET: Currently Korfez Ltd. has three aircrafts in its inventory. One of these aircrafts is a twin engine Piper PA-31P Navajo (Cabin Pressurized and certified to 27.000ft) ,and other two aircrafts are single engine Cessna T206H (non-pressurized)

All three aircraft has required features for Photogrammetry operations. All three aircrafts also modified with current technology for necessary requirements and regulations. Most suitable aircraft is assigning to that project depending to operation’s specifications and regulations. For the projects requesting data collections from high altitudes we are assigning our PA-31P Navajo aircraft, and for lower then 10.000ft projects we are assigning our Cessna T206H aircrafts.

q5Gyro-Stabilized dynamic mount is the platform which the camera is installing in it. That platform’s main process is that to fix camera’s stability to requested angle and condition even in different weather conditions, cross winds and turbulences. That mount is also absorbs vibrations, any other abnormal maneuvers that may rapidly having onboard. That platform is always providing perfect conditions to camera and greatly helps to collect best quality photos. Korfez Ltd. is own GSM 3000 Mount which produced by company SOMAG AG JENA.

Korfez company has 3 X Large format Digital Airborne Camera (Two- Vexcel UCX and one- Dimac Ultrawide ) , the specifications of these cameras as follows ;


webPicture9UCX is produced by Microsoft Vexcel Company, it is a large format Camera (14430 Pixels  X 9420 Pixels ), Vexcel has the most common used camera of the world, it has a great performance both high and low altitute flights, it can collect, Pancromatic, RGB and NIR data in same flight with it’s 13 sensors..

DIMACSecond Digital Camera of The Korfez Company is the Dimac Ultrawide, it is a large format camera as well ( 13044 Pixels X 8890 Pixels ) , the most important specification of this camera is the easy and fast processing procedure , Dimac is able to collect direct RGB data without pen Sharpening method with the used bayer filters in camera..

Both 2 cameras are able to collect data with high performance for everykind of photogrammetry Project..


Geographic Flight Management Systems are providing 2 processes. First one is the navigating the flight over the terrain where the data isPicture6 collecting. All criteria about the terrain are downloading to FMS before the flight and all operation are automatically building on this process during the flight.


And the second process of the FMS is that to record center coordinates (X0, Y0, Z0) and online calculating rotation angles (Omega, Phi, Kappa) of each images. This process is completing with information flowing from other individuals such GPS and INS equipments.

Korfez Ltd. is using the most developed Flight Management System, GPS and INS that known as APPLANIX POST TRACK SYSTEM. Because of the DIRECT GEOREFERENCING Feature of the system all data collections are completing with fast, reliable and so sensitive results. That feature also providing perfect quality result in a low-cost project budget then its competitors.