Property has great importance in terms of sustainability in human life. One of the reasons for this is that the real estates have a value. The real estate sector is one of the components that enable countries to  grow and  develop  economically. In  addition,  real  estate  investment is  one  the  first  investment instrument of real and legal persons. It has been observed that sustainable land management is not completely implemented in the underdeveloped and developing countries. Therefore, countries that can convert their real estate-based assets to capital that will produce wealth are approaching the level of economic welfare, and those who cannot use these assets generally fall below this level. The formation of real estate markets in one country and the development of the real estate sector also affect many other sectors and it has great importance for economic development.

The aim of this study is during the property cadastre studies, registration of undetected and registration excluded lands which can effect the Turkish economy and determine the benefits of this valuation to the country economy.While the first facility cadastre was being constructed, the effect of these areas and locations which are unused and do not have any economic value for  the advancement of science and technology and the completion of the country cadastre. Over time, there has been a need or non-registered  places  whose  value  has  increased  economically,  on  the  way  of  economically  and strategically. The economic needs of the country, the cultivation of the land, the needs of the people to the land caused the studies compulsory for determining and registering these areas.

With studies, the subject is detailedly investigated by analyzing LRCM (Land Registry and Cadastre General Management) applications and laws, and it’s concluded that Turkey has lands as a secret capital which are waiting to be gained in economy and needed to be registered. Neccesity of registering of non-registered lands in Turkey and gain them to the economy is demonstrated.

As a result, forest areas, pastures, public areas, idle areas or areas used by individuals through occupation are important for sustainable land management. Non-registration areas are expected to be determined and registered legally and geometrically and bring economic income. If the individuals can convert their assets into capital that will produce wealth, the countries must identify their idle assets and convert them into capital, which is a factor of the developed economy. Determining, registrating and renting by correct valuating of non-registered lands in Turkey will provide great benefit to the community and economy.