GIS – Geographical Information Systems


Geographical Information System (GIS) is a database management and information system which helps the organization at every stage in the collection of the location-based observations obtained from the graph and non graphic data collection, keeping, processing and performing in integrity of the functions.

It is composed of the five basic components like hardware, software, data, people, and the method.

The main objectives of Geographic Information Systems are;

  • Taking advantage of the different disciplines, to develop applications that can be defined as the scientific, practical and can be used in various areas,
  • More efficient and accurate data collection,
  • Preventing the loss of time by providing quick and easy access to data,
  • Targeting correctly in future works by observing
    the differences between the old and new data,
  • Promoting the use of digital map, Minimize the use of paper maps, thus contributing to the protection of nature.