Dear friends,

By middle of the 1982, we had started our long march in a warm and sweet Turkish Mediterranean city with enthusiasm in both local and global areas is increasing since corparate establishment by adding new connections to the field of activities, new friendships to older friendships. I am personally aware of the strength of our cordial relations and focusing on the success are getting higher and higher while on the other side our planet and country fighting with lots of socio-economical tornado.

I am assuming that the earth, which became a global vilage in the internet area, is continously taking lessons from the troubles and disasters he lived. The main issue supporting my thought is the partnerships and intimacies formed altogether by us. While we are designing our business, we are caring about the humanistic values and environmental concerns, which also I strongly believe as a part of this thought.

As much as increase in the volume of the business for our group, we are attempting for assingment to the next generations an organisation whose corparate structure more dynamic and powerful than today’s.

Korfez Group is taking his strength from his orgins and employees. Working performed by our colleagues, who feel as comfartable as they are in their own houses, day and night with a very great altruism, intimacy and team spirit is the main factor of our success.

I would like to express my unlimited thanks to all our employees for their efforts to our 30 years marathon and to the clients, partners and friends supporting us with a great trust since we started.