Körfez Surveying who gets its power from the strong basis and our team, along with it affords to rise the volume of business, as well as it tries to leave a strong organisation in future under favour of strong and dynamic corporate structure.

It is indispensable of our quality to provide products and services with the required conditions and continuous improvement, along with keeping costumer satisfaction at the highest leveland submitting provisions and legislations in the projects under our obligations in our field with our trained staff without compromising quality. In addition, we believe that it is a part of protection of the environment and human values so we form our business life within this scope.

The most important factor in the success of Körfez Surveying is the result of our valuable colleagues working hard with great dedication, sincerity and team spirit as they feel comfortable in a family atmosphere.Providing healthy and safe working environment and work safety to our employees and submitting the requirements of occupational health and safety standards are our company quality policy.