Korfez, the flashing name of Quality in the Turkish Mediterranean Region, established in Fethiye at 1982 for the idea of “Let’s realize what your dream…”

Surveying & Engineering
Korfez Surveying & Engineering Co Inc., the first company of the Korfez Group, became a remarkable name through the region by forming its own “know-how” and intellectual capital. With this capital and fully furnished equipment including plane, he performans digital photogrammetric and surveying applications.

In the course of time, Korfez Group has extended its expertise by adding the road and structural engineering divisions to its structure in order to reach the excellence and aimed complate client satisfaction.


Korfez Construction Co. Inc., the leading company of the Korfez Group, has successfully completed many infrastructure and superstructure projects including but not limited to; high quality residential and office buildings, business centers, hotels, highways, sewege and waterlines and etc.

The key of the success, for the execution of the projects, is the technical and equipment capacity should be highly adequate. The plants (crushing, batching and asphalt plants) and machinery owned and employees are forming a fantastic harmony in Korfez.


Getting ahead of 30 years with satisfactorily completed projects in Surveying & Engineering services and in the construction field, the quality concept priority of Korfez Group has been certified with ISO 9001 certificate.